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VPS Hosting:

Discover answers to common queries about VPS hosting for a clearer understanding and smoother experience

VPS hosting is a type of hosting service that provides users with a virtualized server environment. This means you get dedicated resources (CPU, RAM, storage) that are isolated from other users, offering greater control and performance compared to shared hosting.

VPS hosting is ideal for businesses and individuals who require:

  • Increased performance and reliability: For resource-intensive applications like e-commerce stores, high-traffic websites, or data analytics tools.
  • Greater control and customization: To tailor the server environment to their specific needs, including installing custom software and configurations.
  • Scalability: To easily adapt to changing resource demands as their business grows.

Our VPS solutions offer:

  • Dedicated resources: Guaranteed performance and isolation from other users.
  • Unmatched scalability: Seamlessly adapt to your growing needs.
  • Enhanced security: Comprehensive features to protect your data and applications.
  • Industry-leading uptime: Exceptional reliability you can depend on.
  • 24/7 expert support: Dedicated team to assist you anytime

Dedicated Server:

Get clarity on Dedicated Server essentials with straightforward answers to common questions, ensuring a smooth and reliable hosting experience

A dedicated server is ideal for high-performance, resource-intensive applications, ensuring optimal speed, security, and control for your online presence

Your Website will be assigned one Shared IP and you can order up to 1 Additional IP if necessary.

Share Hosting Services are setup instantly and automatically once the Invoice Payment is realized.

Crypracks agrees to provide free domain and SSL Certificate of Premium Shared Hosting Plan only if there are no other promos or discounts applied on the Service. That is if the Service is brought by applying any promo code, the free Domain and SSL will be void.

Share Hosting Services are setup instantly and automatically once the Invoice Payment is realized.

Cloud Hosting:

Unlock the power of flexibility and scalability in your online journey by exploring answers to common questions about Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting utilizes virtual servers to deliver scalable and flexible resources, providing a reliable and high-performance hosting solution.

Enjoy scalability, resource flexibility, enhanced security, and high availability with Cloud Hosting, accommodating your website's evolving needs